CRANEX® Novus is Soredex's new panoramic digital x-ray system.

Not only is the CRANEX® Novus easy to use, but it's also fast, and most importantly - it's affordable. A clean, small and simple design, with smooth flat surfaces makes it easy to place CRANEX® Novus into any dental clinic.

CRANEX Novus control panel
  • Adult panoramic exposures in 9 seconds
  • Extremely sensitive CCD sensor, advanced electronics, and superior software ensure correct exposure values for each patient
  • Adult panoramic program incorporates advanced spinal compensation allows correct display of dental anatomy without distracting spinal shadow
  • Pediatric program designed for children and small adults automatically shortens exposure time and reduces width of exposed image for a lower x-ray dose
  • TMJ provides imaging with mouth open and/or closed for functional evaluation and condyle anatomy
  • 4-point head support, rigid patient handles and integrated chin rest ensure patient stability
  • Self-locking temple supports are easy to close
  • Quick-release forehead support
  • Two control panels make daily work easy - a main control panel for set up prior to positioning the patient, and a side control panel for positioning
Fast image times result in lower x-ray doses, faster throughput times, and less retakes due to patient movement - without compromising image quality.

The CRANEX® Novus is provided with DIGORA® for Windows software, making examination of digital images and diagnosis both easy and accurate.

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CRANEX Novus control panel

CRANEX® Novus allows you to maintain an effective workflow in your clinic.

It's simple:
  • Select the program
  • Position the patient
  • Take the exposure
  • Release the patient

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