The DIGORA® Optime's small size means you can place it in the most convenient position for your workplace. It is operated by just two buttons, and it's fast readout time (5 seconds) makes it possible to feed imaging plates continuously, for example, when a full mouth x-ray series is taken.

Digora for Windows Image

The DIGORA® Optime is Soredex's chairside digital imaging plate system.

It is designed to make work in the dental office easier and more efficient. Well known for it's small size, ease of use, and speed of operation, the DIGORA® Optime, together with the new DIGORA® for WINDOWS 2.5 dental imaging software, will increase image processing speed and workflow efficiency.
Here are just a few reasons why DIGORA® Optime will suit your business needs:
  • Chairside operation
  • Quick and ergonomic to use
  • Outstanding dynamic range - consistent image quality
  • Full daylight operation
  • No chemicals, film processors, nor darkroom needed
  • Imaging plates are thin, cordless, reusable and easy to position
  • Four imaging plate sizes available
  • Compatible with AC and DC intraoral x-ray units
  • New DIGORA for Windows 2.5 software
  • Implant Planning module and extensive Implant Library
  • Versatile image handling features
  • Fast Ethernet connection

DIGORA Optime - cover on/off

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